Cryptographics, Jefferson Holland, Silkscreen Posters, Wallstreet, Colorado,
Wilco & Son Volt (Series)
5-23-1995 & 4-5-1996
12"x26" edition of 150, each
All kinds of experimentation, half on brick-red French paper, half on white stock - only a few white ones left.
The Wilco poster was done first, with two different radios I drew. I liked them both, so I ganged them up 2 per sheet. We did them as little 5.5"x17" offset color flyers, and as big strip silkscreens put up around town. When Son Volt finally showed up for their first visit to Boulder I wanted to link the band mainstays via design and pedigree. Hence the matched set. These were printed in various colors, depending on whether it was brown or white paper. Somebody mentioned these on the 'Postcard' mailing list, and most of them got sold in a flurry of internet activity. Still have a few of the little strip offset Wilco flyers left. The Son Volt 5.5"x17" gigposters put up on kiosks were just xeroxed on tan paper.
Gigposters back
Wilco - Son Volt