Cryptographics, Jefferson Holland, Silkscreen Posters, Wallstreet, Colorado,

Bio-stuff: Been printing art since 1984 - was using fluorescent colors before I ever even heard of Kozik! Got serious about the music end in 1993, mainly as a way to get into shows and drink free beer... First one was a Swervedriver show. Print runs are limited, with signed editions ranging from 50 - 150. Been huckstering at shows, conventions, record stores across the US, and on the Internet...

Subject matter: Mainly a hard core computer guy who brings my own drawings and photographs into the computer and 'processes' the hell out of 'em. Some times I lift stuff. Got the text and fonts bug from experimenting with an old printing press originally used to print the 'Golden Transcript' way back in early Colorado history. The wood type collection was amazing... Done 150+ flyers for the Fox Theatre and Denver/Boulder shows, about half of them 2-3 color 11" x17"s (in offset print runs of 300). It's fun to see the stuff up around town.

I screen the ones I'm into -- like to experiment and vary the colors in printing an edition. Silkcreens are prepared using photo-emulsion and acetates. Been using water based inks (thanks to Kozik's information) with an occasional foray back into the death-defying world of lacquer. Registration is accomplished by blocking against matboard tabs. Been printing all my own stuff, but I'll sell out and hire someone to help at the first opportunity!

Favorite one is the Dick Dale - The promoter asked "What's with the horns?"... so I stuck a trident in the surfer's hand and everything was fine! Solo shows include Bombs Away in Corvallis, Oregon - Sept./Nov. 1994 and Cafe Mars in Boulder, Colorado -July/August 1996. We played opening night (electronic/ experimental trip-slop) at the club as well -- yeah, another foiled musician! Also, Mercury Framing in Boulder, Colorado - Jan./Feb. 2003.

Hope that's enough - Jeff

Jefferson Holland
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