cryptographics, jefferson holland, silkscreen posters, wallstreet, colorado,
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can you make money on amazon kdp - the kingsbury manx #2001c
11"x17" edition of 300
black and blue
these calexico posters were done as a mirrored-image matched set of color flyers for shows in boulder and denver. the promoter for the bluebird wanted one, and so did tulagi's. problem solved! the bluebird show was done in powder blue and primer gray, the tulagi show in candy apple red. calexico put on one of the best shows i'd seen in a long time. the trumpets were unbelievable, and the sound guy was panning the stereo and bringing instruments up and down in an incredible mix. it's great when the soundman is practically part of the band! taped the show for posterity, of course...
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